It’s another week in music class.  Are you ready to learn while making music?  This week’s class will be all about shapes.  But first we need to say “Hello…” to all our friends!

After our greeting, we will look at four shapes.  Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle

square circle triangle rectangle

Why are we talking about shapes in music class?  Sometimes we can learn things better by singing about them.  The next song helps us learn our shapes.  It is called, “Shapes”. Practice singing this song to help your children learn their shapes!

Roger Ribbit is excited to visit today.  He heard us singing about our shapes.  He has brought an instrument that we played before… can you remember?  It is the drum.  What shape is the drum?  A circle.  Drums come in all different sizes and shapes.  Did you know that anything that you can bang and make a rhythm is a drum.  I encourage everyone to look around the house; pots & pans, tupperware, cups, boxes, etc. can all be drums.  In my bag of drums, I have a square, circle, triangle, & rectangle drum. What instrument family does the drum belong too?  The Percussion family!  We will bang a bit on our drums.

drum percussionfamily1

Roger also wants to teach us a new rhythm.  We will also learn a new note.  It is called a sixteenth note.  It has two flags.  You will most likely see 4 sixteenth notes connected.  When we say their rhythm, we say, “1E&A”, because they are fast notes!

sixteenthnote 4sixteenth sixteenthrhythm

(4 Sixteenth Notes: We say, “1E&A”.)

When we put the 4 sixteenth notes in a rhythm as above in the last picture it sound likes this: “Tah, Tah, 1E&A, Tah”.  That might be a little hard.  I like to put words to our rhythms and make them even easier.  For this rhythm let’s say, “Drum, time, make a little beat!”  As we practice this rhythm, I have the perfect song for us to play our new rhythm on our drums.  This song is called “Drum Time” and it has our new rhythm and many other rhythms.  The song is unique because the whole song is played with only percussion instruments, mainly drums.  We will be playing our drums along with the music!

As we put our drums away, Roger Ribbit says goodbye.  I tell them we are going to listen to a song where the drum has a large solo part.  A solo means that only one instrument plays while the other instruments stop playing.  This song is very popular and fun to listen too.  We will not only listen, but try to keep up with the drummer.  We will be drumming on the floor or our laps.  Can you guess the song?  It is called “Wipe Out”.  Watch below as a 6 year old plays the drums!  Wow!

After “Wipe Out” our arms are tired!  It is time to review all that we have learned.  We sing our goodbye song and get stamps on our hands!  What a great day!  Don’t forget to look at all the shapes around you this week!

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