LOUD & soft

Last week we talked about soft, or piano music.  Did you know that music is played at many different levels?  We call these dynamics.  We will remember what piano meant from last week, and also learn about LOUD music this week.

As we start our class with our morning song, we will sing “I’m Glad You Came Today” and make sure we welcome every one to our class.  We talk about last week’s class and remember that piano means “soft“.  I also explain that music can be loud and soft.  We first talk about our voices?  Indoor voices mean that we need to talk softly indoors.  Outdoor voices mean we can use loud voices outside.  A great song that helps us remember this is called, Loud & Soft“.  This is a great song for teachers and parents to use for reminders about appropriate voices.  Kids have lots of fun using their outdoor voices inside for this one!


After we finish our first group song, Roger Ribbit hops right out of our bag because our “outdoor” voices woke him up!  He doesn’t mind though, because he wants to show us some new musical words.  He introduces us to dynamics in music.  Dynamics is how loud or soft music should be played.  We talk about all the symbols.  We look at our p” for piano, and learn that f” is for forte, or loud!

musicaldynamicssymbols fforteppiano

We listen to the beautiful and dynamic music from the Disney movie, Spirit.  We listen to the piece called “Rain”.  Just like storms, sometimes they are soft, or piano, sprinkles, and loud thunderstorms that are loud, or forte.  We will listen to the music and dance piano or forte, just like the music.  Here is the song, but I encourage you to watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack!  A truly beautiful movie and soundtrack.

Now that we have practiced using our voices & our bodies, loud and soft, we will play instruments loud and soft.  Each student will get a percussion instrument to play.  We will sing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” first soft, and then LOUD.

To finish our music class, we will listen to the song, “Roar Like a Lion” and have some fun.  We learn that not just music, but animals can be loud and soft.

We end with “Zippadeedodah“.  This week each student will get 2 stamps.  One stamp will be the letter “p” for piano.  The other stamp will be the letter “f” for forte.  Soft & Loud


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