Music Classes

Learn more information about each music class your child experiences each week. I hope to involve parents with their child’s music education. Musical activities, songs, dances, music theory, pictures, etc. The wonderful world of music will be introduced to you and your child through Ms. Sadie’s Music Classes!


In music class, we celebrate just about anything… and today we are going to sing, dance, and experience music by looking at colors.     We will start by singing “I’m Glad You Came Today”. As soon as we’ve said hello to everyone, we will look at the colors we are wearing today.  Every color we are wearing, will be rhymed… Read more →

Fall Leaves

What season are we in?  FALL or also called AUTUMN. Let’s celebrate Fall! After we sing our “Hello…” song to our friends we will be talking about the changes in our world around us.  Look out the window… what do you see?  The weather is getting colder, the wind is blowing, and the leaves on the trees are not only… Read more →

Happy Halloween!

We’re celebrating Halloween all week long in music class.  Ms. Sadie will be in costume as the Music Magician.  Look for her wearing a cosmic purple cape! We’ll of course start class by singing our welcome song, “Hello, how are you?”. As we begin to talk about Halloween, I thought we would sing a song that will help us know what… Read more →

“P” is for…

PUMPKINS, PIANO & so much more! This week we will have another class where we celebrate fall and talk about pumpkins.  One of our first musical activities will be to sing about how a pumpkin grows!  We need to bury our pumpkin seed, water the ground, make sure the sun shines, & watch it grow!  “Grow the Pumpkins” by Imagination… Read more →


Let’s MARCH to the beat, music, rhythm… As we start our music class, we will learn a new morning song.  Some of my friends will remember this song from last year.  It is a music class favorite!  I encourage everyone to learn this song.  “Hello, How are You” is a song that not only has repetition, but will help students learn how… Read more →

Quarter Notes & Rhythm Fun

This week, we’ll be learning and singing a new rhythm.  After singing our usual morning song, “I’m Glad You Came Today“, the students will be playing some new instruments.  We’ll be talking about what family most rhythmical instruments come from… The Percussion Family!   Roger Ribbit will be visiting with a new note, the quarter note.  Roger teaches children not only the… Read more →


It’s the beginning of a new year with Ms. Sadie, the Music Lady.  This week in class we will be learning & singing about beginnings! I am very excited to see some of last year’s friends!  Meeting new friends will be such a treat, it will be fun to get to know you through the year! We start our music class singing our… Read more →

Rhythm & Drums

It’s the start of a new week, that means we’ll be experiencing something new in music class! As we start music class, we will sing one of our welcome songs to greet our friends and get ready for music.  We need to be wide awake and ready for rhythms, so we will warm up with an old favorite… “If You’re… Read more →

Band Music

Music class this week will be full of many surprises.  We’ll listen & sing music that will make you laugh, march, & create loud noises.  As we sing our morning song, we will wave, point, & say hello to all our friends.  Our first song will be about silly & crazy animals.  Ain’t it great to be crazy? This week… Read more →

Jazz, the Blues, Louis Armstrong & the Trumpet!

Today will be listening to some old music that is truly amazingly musical!  We will sing out morning song to say hello to all our friends!  I am so very happy to see all the smiling faces! We begin by talking about a different kind of music.  We have talked a little about it, but today we will learn even… Read more →