Ms. Sadie always knew she wanted to be a teacher.  Teaching came naturally to her even at a young age.  She used to teach her eager students of dolls, stuffed animals, pets, & any friend willing to become a student. She not only taught the usual reading, writing and arithmetic, she also incorporated her violin studies, which she began at the age of 3.

Little Sadie

Little Sadie

After she graduated elementary, middle, & high school, she entered college at Augustana, in Sioux Falls, SD, now a University, to pursue her lifelong dream.  Sadie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.  While she was in college she not only taught and tutored children, she continued playing her beloved violin for the school orchestra and for special occasions.  During her senior year, she fell in love with teaching English language learners.  Upon graduating Augie, she continued her education at Hamline University, in St. Paul, MN, where she completed a second licensure to teach English as a Second Language.  Even though music was not her primary study, she continued to keep her violin studies and performing a part of her life.  Not realizing that soon music would become her life!

Sadie became an ESL teacher, fell in love, married and had her first child.  She made a big decision to be a stay-at-home mother.  After a short 6 months, she realized she needed to go back to her first love, teaching… so she started teaching violin out of her 500 sq. ft. rental.  There she found her true love, teaching violin and music!

After a few years of teaching private violin lessons, Sadie created Simply Strings Studio, Inc.  A music school specializing in string instrument instruction for all ages and abilities, specifically created to make learning music FUN!

Over 10 years later, her three children off to school, and Simply Strings running successfully, Sadie wanted even more music in her life!  She was asked to teach a short music class at a neighborhood child care center, and as they say… History was made!

Ms. Sadie, the Music Lady was adored by everyone… children, teachers, & parents.  Sadie not only enjoyed this new adventure, she thrived at creating lesson plans, playing her beloved instruments, & bringing the joy of music to a new generation!  She is truly amazed at the enrichment she can bring to so many through her love of teaching and her creative talent with music!

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