Winter Snowflakes & more…

It’s official… it is WINTER.  As we start our class, we talk about the season we are currently experiencing… WINTER.  What does winter mean to us?  I love to hear all their ideas about winter; coat, hats, boots, mittens, sledding, snowballs, skiing, snowmen, etc. The list could go on and on!  I also want to know what favorite winter activity they enjoy.  What would winter be like without snow?  Luckily, in Minnesota we probably will never find out, but without snow, most children, and some adults would not have as much fun!

We welcome eachother and our friends by singing our “Hello…” song.  As we celebrate winter, we will sing our first song.  This song is about snowflakes.  It is called, “Snowflakes, Snowflakes”. We will pretend our scarves and our bodies are giant snowflakes, falling from the sky.  What fun!

After we put our snowflakes(scarves) away, Roger Ribbit comes to visit.  He is so excited!  He brought a new instrument to show us today.  What can it be?  As we look at the case, shape, & size, we guess what instrument Roger Ribbit brought for us today.  There are many great guesses and we use our poster of Instrument Families to help us guess.  Even after I pull the instrument out of the case, there still may be some curiousity.  It looks like a guitar, but it has a bow.  It looks like a violin but it is too big!  It has four strings and belongs to the string family.  It is a CELLO!  Yes, today we will be learning about the cello.  As I mentioned, it looks very much like a violin, only larger.  It has 4 strings and uses a bow.  It has an extendable metal piece, called an end pin to help keep it in place while someone sits to play the instrument.  And… now everyone will get to play the cello today.

cello cello2strings_JPG

After we all get a chance to play the cello, Roger Ribbit would like you to meet one of his favorite cellist, Yo Yo Ma, who is still alive today and traveling around the world performing on his cello.  He was a child prodigy who started performing at the age of 5.  Wow!  I promised I would put a sample of his talent on my website.  Please take a minute to listen to his music.

I also wanted my students to listen to some cello music.  One exciting sample of a cello piece “Julie-O” composed by Mark Summer, another extremely talented cellist.  What is interesting and exciting about this piece is that the cello is played with the bow, but also played like a guitar with fingers, or pizzicato, and also the cello is used as a percussion instrument!  Amazing and fun to watch and listen too.  Please watch and be amazed!

Roger Ribbit makes sure everyone remembers the name of the new instrument, the cello.  He says goodbye with nibbles, hugs, & kisses.  We remember that it’s winter we are celebrating and sing one more song, “Dance Like Snowflakes”. Both of these winter songs are fun to sing outside when the snow is falling.  Don’t forget to stop every now and then, to sing a song and dance.  Little moments like these with your little one will make a lasting memory!  As we sing our goodbye song and wave goodbye to our friends, I remind everyone dress warm… it’s winter!  Get outside and enjoy the snow!

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