In music class, we celebrate just about anything… and today we are going to sing, dance, and experience music by looking at colors.




We will start by singing “I’m Glad You Came Today”. As soon as we’ve said hello to everyone, we will look at the colors we are wearing today.  Every color we are wearing, will be rhymed with an action.  As we sing our first color song, “If You’re Wearing…”, we will not only be talking and noticing colors, we will also be singing, dancing, and having a lot of fun!

I check everyone’s memory by asking the class, “What instrument did I bring to music class last week?”  The VIOLIN!  Yes!  I brought my violin again today to make a stronger connection in their minds.  As we remember the name, the sound, and also the instrument family (the String Family), I see the sparks of memory and excitement on their faces.



Roger Ribbit is excited to introduce a new friend.  A very famous composer and musician.  What is a composer? A composer is someone who writes music; similar to an author who writes stories.  This famous person is Johann Sebastian Bach.  As we look at a picture of Bach, we talk about his life, and the wonderful gift of music he has given the world.  I am excited to play a piece of music written by Bach called Minuet 3, on my violin.   A minuet is a special dance that people liked to do many years ago.  I play the minuet while the children dance with their scarves.  J.S. Bach is one of my favorite composers, so I would like the children to listen to another one of my favorite pieces, Violin Concerto #1 in A Minor BMV 1041: 1. Allegro Moderato, by Bach.  I encourage parents to play any piece of music written by Bach.  There are so many beautiful sounds and instruments to hear… truly masterpieces.

Taking a look outside again, we see many fall colors.  Since our music class is about colors, we will sing a song about the beautiful fall leaves again.  This song is called, “The Leaves on the Trees”.   Another fun song to sing during fall!

As we close music class with our usual song, “Zipadeedoodah”, we also review everything we learned today.  Colorful leaves will be stamped on each students hand as a reminder of our fun day filled with colors and music by Bach.

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