Fall Leaves

What season are we in?  FALL or also called AUTUMN.


Let’s celebrate Fall!

After we sing our “Hello…” song to our friends we will be talking about the changes in our world around us.  Look out the window… what do you see?  The weather is getting colder, the wind is blowing, and the leaves on the trees are not only changing colors but falling to the ground.  Fall is here!  Because we are in music class, we will sing a song about Autumn and all the changes that are happening outside.  As we sing “Autumn Leaves” we pretend we are tall trees and we will wave our colorful leaves while we sing & dance.  We will turn, fall, rake, and jump, like we do with our leaves in fall!

Roger Ribbit can’t control his excitement as he jumps out of the music bag to tell you about the instrument he brought today.  It is also Ms. Sadie’s favorite instrument!  As the students try to guess what is in the case, I give them clues and show the large instrument poster.  As the case opens, we can’t decide if it is a guitar or a violin.  We talk more about this instrument.  We decide it is a VIOLIN!  Violin starts with the letter “V“.  We also learn about the instrument family the violin belongs too.  Violins belong to the String Family.  Instruments that belong to this family all make their music with the help of “strings” which are on each string instrument.




Each student will get to play the violin.  What a fun experience!  Please ask your student about this exciting and interesting instrument. They will get to play a smaller violin, not a full size violin.  Did you know violins come in smaller sizes?  As every student takes their turn to play a violin piece, those students that are patiently and quietly waiting, listen to their friends and show their appreciation by clapping for their classmates.  What lovely sounds the violin can produce!  We end by looking at what is inside the violin… not much!  We do see the sound post and talk about how we think the violin produces sound.

As Roger Ribbit says “Goodbye” and gives nibbles, hugs, & kisses, Ms. Sadie gets ready to play a Folk Song.  A folk song is a simple melody written by someone or a group of people to tell a story or talk about what is happening around them.  Ms. Sadie will be playing a folk song on her violin.  The following folk song is called, “Song of the Wind”. A very short, simple song that we can sing about fall.

As we end our music class, we will dance to a fun song that only has string instruments playing; a real toe-tapping, hand clapping song!  Finally we sing our “Zipadeedoodah” song, and review all we learned and realize the FALL season is colorful and full of changes!

Happy Fall!

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