Happy Halloween!

We’re celebrating Halloween all week long in music class.  Ms. Sadie will be in costume as the Music Magician Look for her wearing a cosmic purple cape!

We’ll of course start class by singing our welcome song, “Hello, how are you?”. As we begin to talk about Halloween, I thought we would sing a song that will help us know what to say and do as we celebrate Halloween, especially when we trick or treat.  Everyone can sing this song and it has a fun ending that may scare you!  Perfect for Halloween! Click here… “Trick or Treat”

Since we are celebrating, we must dance.  We will dance with our egg shakers to the “Monster Mash”, one of my favorite Halloween songs of all times!

Roger Ribbit wants to see if everyone remembers the instrument we talked about last week… it starts with the letter “P“.  PIANO!  Roger also wants us to meet a very famous musician and composer, Franz Liszt.  Mr. Franz Liszt started playing the piano at age 7, and by the time he was 9 years old, he was performing around the country.  Eventually he will be known as one of the BEST pianists in the world.  He was known as a virtuoso, an extremely talented and skillful piano player.  Virtuoso is our new musical term that Roger Ribbit will teach us.  Because Franz Liszt played the piano his whole life, he was not only a musician,  but a very famous composer.  We will listen very closely to two of his famous compositions for the piano.  “Dance Macrabe”, a Halloween favorite, and “Hungarian Rhapsody”.  Children love to listen to these unique piano compositions.  They are very dramatic and different than most of the piano pieces they usually hear.  Take a minute to not only listen but also watch the youtube  video below.  You will see why Franz Liszt was such an amazing performer and a virtuoso on the piano.

As we close our Halloween Celebration, we will have some fun by doing a Freeze Dance.  This is something you can do with your child anytime.  Play any type of music and when you stop the music, they have to freeze!  You would be surprised how fun this can be for young and old!

We will sing our “Trick or Treat” song again to end our Halloween Party.  Ms. Sadie will not only be stamping hands with a special Halloween stamp, but each child will receive a treat!

Happy Halloween!

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