“P” is for…

PUMPKINS, PIANO & so much more!

This week we will have another class where we celebrate fall and talk about pumpkins.  One of our first musical activities will be to sing about how a pumpkin grows!  We need to bury our pumpkin seed, water the ground, make sure the sun shines, & watch it grow!  “Grow the Pumpkins” by Imagination Movers is a great song to help us celebrate the pumpkin growing process!  A great song full of energy for fall pumpkin picking! Check it out on iTunes

I also found a great youtube video (see below) of the pumpkin growing process set to beautiful music!  Enjoy!

Roger Ribbit is in the fall spirit and has brought an instrument to share with the class that starts with the letter “p”.  The PIANO!  Every student will get to play the piano this week!  Did you know the piano belongs to the Percussion Family?  Yes, another “p” word!  Students love to “tickle the (ivory) or keys with their fingers.  I believe there will be many young piano player in our future!  We will dance with our colored scarves to “The Great Pumpkin Waltz” heard from the movie, The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  We will be listening to the sounds of the piano as we twirl and glide around the room.  The piano can sound amazing, wonderful, & beautiful!


What better way to end our class than to pick out a pumpkin down at the Pumpkin Patch! We will march, hop, skip, & jump down to the pumpkin patch!  Hurrah!

As we end with Zippadeedoodah, we remember all our “P” words we celebrated today.



Percussion Family

Pumpkin Patch

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