Let’s MARCH to the beat, music, rhythm…

As we start our music class, we will learn a new morning song.  Some of my friends will remember this song from last year.  It is a music class favorite!  I encourage everyone to learn this song.  “Hello, How are You” is a song that not only has repetition, but will help students learn how to greet and talk with friends.  Let your student teach you this very educational and fun song!

As we continue, we will be marching!  Marching is not just fun, it is also exercise for our body and great for building rhythm concepts.  As we march we tap our rhythm sticks and sing a musical version of “Yankee Doodle” a capella.

Roger Ribbit is excited to teach everyone about the musical term: Staccato.  We saw our rhythm from last week but noticed some “dots” under each note.  When there is a dot under a note, we need to play the note “staccato” or short & detached, very similar to marching!


Why not practice our staccato notes by marching with our rhythm sticks to “The Washington Post March”.

As we end our music class, we will review our new musical term and rhythm, and finish by singing… Zipadeedooda!

Keep singing, clapping, & even marching all week long!

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