Quarter Notes & Rhythm Fun

This week, we’ll be learning and singing a new rhythm.  After singing our usual morning song, “I’m Glad You Came Today“, the students will be playing some new instruments.  We’ll be talking about what family most rhythmical instruments come from… The Percussion Family!



Roger Ribbit will be visiting with a new note, the quarter note.  Roger teaches children not only the note name, but how many beats the quarter note gets.  In class, we also use a word that helps us remember it’s only 1 beat.  We say “Tah”.  Roger Ribbit will also teach a new rhythm using 4 quarter notes.  To help us remember this rhythm , we put words to the rhythm.  Many children are able to remember rhythms by using words and phrases.  Our phrase this week is: “I Like to Clap”!

4quarterNotes quarter note

Our last activity before we end our music class, will be with Rhythm Sticks.  Students will use rhythm, singing, and fine motor skills while having fun!  Follow the link here, to read more about the wonderful benefits of Rhythm Sticks, maybe even get some ideas to use at home or in the classroom!  Your children may come home singing a unique little song with words that you might not recognize.  “Zum Gali” is the name of the rhythm stick song we will sing.  This is a song sung long ago by Israeli children.  Zum gali means “the pioneer is meant for work, work is meant for the pioneer.  Maybe your child can teach it to you!

As we close music class, we will review everything we learned and end with “Zipadeedoodah“!

Have a wonderful week!  Keep singing, dancing, and listening to music!

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