It’s the beginning of a new year with Ms. Sadie, the Music Lady.  This week in class we will be learning & singing about beginnings!

I am very excited to see some of last year’s friends!  Meeting new friends will be such a treat, it will be fun to get to know you through the year!

We start our music class singing our welcome song, “I’m glad you came today”! Check with your child, they may be able to sing the song to you!  Don’t worry if your son/daughter is unable to remember the song.  I will sing it quite often throughout the year.   Repetition is important in early childhood education.  It helps with so many things! (Take a minute to read the following article for all the benefits of repetition & ideas of how to incorporate repetition in to your day!)

Songs & Rhymes as a Springboard To Literacy

A special guest will make his first appearance this year in music class!  Roger Ribbit (“Froggy”‘ as many kids call him), visits class to introduce a new music term: A capella

A capella means to sing without any music accompaniment.  We will talk about what letter the word starts with: A  The beginning of the alphabet!  Practice singing “a capella” with your child!  No music or instrument needed!  Remember, your child does not care if you are an experienced vocalist or not… they just want to sing with someone!  Try to sing “a capella” in the car, outside, in the bathtub, etc.  You can sing a capella anywhere!!!  We sing our name song (Hello!) a capella!  This is another fun song you can sing with your child.


Roger Ribbit

This week, students will have the musical experience of playing the autoharp.  Yes!  Another “A” word.  I use the autoharp in all of my classes!  The autoharp is part of the string family, one of my favorites!  Did you know your child can play the autoharp?  Please ask them about this experience.  You may be surprised how much information they can give you about an instrument that is rather unique!

We will end our class with one of our favorite songs.  We will sing this song each week at the end of our class… Zipadeedoodah!  This is another song that your child may be able to sing, if not today, they will by the end of the year!  I encourage everyone to learn this song!  Try it today… A capella!

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