Band Music

Music class this week will be full of many surprises.  We’ll listen & sing music that will make you laugh, march, & create loud noises.  As we sing our morning song, we will wave, point, & say hello to all our friends.  Our first song will be about silly & crazy animals.  Ain’t it great to be crazy?

This week we will meet a very famous person, John Phillips Sousa.  Roger Ribbit is very excited to have you listen to his music.  He was a very famous composer and conductor.  A conductor is someone who leads a band or orchestra.  John Phillips Sousa directed bands.  He was in the military and led his band while they marched with their instruments.  As we listen & watch John Phillip Sousa & his band perform, we will talk about the instruments we see and hear.  Next we will use some of our percussion instruments to play as we march to one of his famous pieces of music.  Roger Ribbit says goodbye & gives nibbles.

johnphillipssousa          sousa-by-marineband-usmcdotmil

John Phillip Sousa                                         John Phillip Sousa & the Military Band

As we end our loud & crazy music class, we will watch, listen, sing, & play to a funny little song called “On the Ning, Nang, Nong “.  Crazy but fun!

We will end the music class by singing goodbye with our favorite song, “Zippadeedoodah“.  Remember how fun music can be, especially band music.  Wonderful instruments that create a sound that will make you jump out of your seat and march to the music!

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