Jazz, the Blues, Louis Armstrong & the Trumpet!

Today will be listening to some old music that is truly amazingly musical!  We will sing out morning song to say hello to all our friends!  I am so very happy to see all the smiling faces!

We begin by talking about a different kind of music.  We have talked a little about it, but today we will learn even more about JAZZ music.  First we will say an old nursery rhyme together, “This Little Piggy”.  A fun, little nursery rhyme that adults say to babies and children – while playing with their little ones’ toes or “piggies”. After we say the little rhyme, we will listen and watch the same rhyme in “jazz” style.

Roger Ribbit comes out to show us something exciting!  Today we will be touching and learning about the trumpet, which is a part of the brass family.  The trumpet is a shiny metal, usually made of brass.  As students hold and touch a real trumpet, we will also listen to one of the most popular and amazingly talented trumpet players of all time.  Mr. Louis Armstrong!  He was very talented and played all over the world for many, many years.  He had an amazing life!  I encourage everyone to take a minute and read more about him.

We will listen and dance to a few of his songs, listening to his very talented trumpet solos.

We will end the music class by singing and dancing to a song called, “I Like Jazz”, by Joanie Leeds.  A fun jazz song to sing because you will know many of the lyrics, they are all taken from many familiar children’s songs & rhymes.

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