Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Nothing like listening to a little rock ‘n roll.  We will learn about rock ‘n roll music and have a little fun!

As usual, we will start music class by singing our “morning song”. Right away we will talk about Rock Music, style, instruments, and sound.  Rock music is very unique.  It has a strong beat with percussion instruments.  There are also guitars that make rock music’s style of music.  As we talk about rock music, we will learn about Bill Haley, one of the first musical artists to create rock music.  At the time it was controversial, which means some people did not like the music and thought it was wrong.  Bill Haley and his band were popular around the 1950’s.  One of his greatest hits was “Rock Around the Clock”.  We will listen and dance to this fun rock ‘n roll song.

Rock ‘n Roll is fun, not only to listen too, but to dance.  The rhythm is a very important part of the music.  Roger Ribbit stops in to teach us a new note and a new rhythm.  The note we will learn today is called a half note.  As we look at the half note, we see that there is a stem and a circle like our other notes, but the circle is NOT filled in on the half note.  A half note is a longer note.  We say “too” and hold it for 2 beats.  We practice saying & clapping our new note.  Roger Ribbit is very excited because he also brought a new rhythm. Our new rhythm has a “Tah, tah, & too” (Quarter Note, Quarter Note, & Half Note)

halfnote                       rhythm1

Half Note = “Too”                                  “Tah, Tah, Too” or “Shake, Rattle, & Roll”

We practice our new rhythm with our egg shakers.  I have the perfect song for us to practice our new rhythm.  It is another popular rock ‘n roll song called, “Shake, Rattle, & Roll“, another great song by Bill Haley & the Comets.  We will dance and shake our eggs with our new rhythm and dance to the fun music.

As we say goodbye to Roger Ribbit, our friends, and music class, I recommend to listen & dance to more rock ‘n roll with family and friends!  FUN!

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