April Showers Bring May Flowers

Have you noticed it has been raining a lot lately?  Music class will be all about rain.  We’ll of course start by saying & singing hello to friends.  We will talk about the month we are in… APRIL!  April is known for being the rainiest month of the year.  Why do we need rain?  Rain helps everything “wake up” & begin to grow after the long, cold winter.  We talk about all the wonderful things that are happening outside around us.  The grass turns green, the trees start to bud, flowers begin to grow, we start to see butterflies & bugs, etc.  Let’s celebrate the rain by singing , “It is Raining”.  A fun little song you can sing anytime you find yourself in the rain!

After we sing about the rain, Roger Ribbit will come and visit us to teach us something new in music.  All year we have been learning  new notes.  Today we will review some of the notes we have learned.  The quarter note & the eighth note are two notes we know very well.  Let’s see who remembers them?  We will clap and say the notes.  Roger Ribbit also has a new rhythm for us to learn.  As we look at the rhythm and talk about the notes.  We will say & clap the new rhythm.  As always, I have a way for us to say & remember our new rhythm.  We will say, “April showers bring may flowers”.  Let’s use our rhythm sticks to tap our new rhythm & sing our new saying as we march around the room.

eighthnote          2EighthNotesquarter note

tee                                               tee tee                                tah


“April showers bring may flowers”

Rhythm Sticks are fun to use for tapping rhythms.  We can also use our rhythms sticks to dance!  We will dance with our sticks to a fun song, “Music, Music, Music”.

Roger Ribbit says goodbye, but we will hang on to our rhythm sticks.  As we end our music class, we will use our rhythm sticks to make it sound like rain as we sing the “Rain Song”.  Rhythm sticks are fun & amazing!

As we sing goodbye to our friends, remember the next time it rains, think of all the good things the rain does for the earth!

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