Easter Celebrations

Happy Easter!  Or maybe, hoppy Easter?!?!  This week, our music class will be full of Easter fun!  We will sing our “hello song” and make sure we wave to all our friends.  Bunnies remind us of Easter.  So why shouldn’t we start our class by singing and dancing to the “Bunny Pokey“.  We have to find our long bunny ears, our little bunny nose, our four bunny paws, & our fluffy bunny tail.  We will be singing and hopping around the classroom.  Easter fun!

Roger Ribbit wants to see everyone and wish them a very Happy Easter.  He loves bunnies because they love to hop!  Roger Ribbit wants to teach everyone something new.  We have learned most of our music notes.  We will now learn what a “rest” is in music.  A rest is where NO music is played.  A rest is complete silence.  If you are playing an instrument you must NOT make any sound.  We are learning about a quarter rest.  If you are singing, you must be silent.  When we see a rest, we will be quiet.  A quarter rest is being quiet for one beat.  To make it easier for us to remember, when we see a quarter rest, we will say, “sh!“.




Roger Ribbit has a new rhythm for us.  It will be a new musical rhythm.  We have already learned about a quarter note.  We say “tah” for a quarter note.  We have three quarter notes and a quarter rest.  We could say, “tah, tah, tah, sh!”.  I have a way for us to say our rhythm and have some fun.  We will use our egg shakers, perfect for our Easter celebration, and practice our new rhythm.  We will say, “hop, hop, hop, sh!”. We will even hop like a bunny!


Roger Ribbit knows a fun song from the 1950’s.  The song is called “The Bunny Hop”, by Ray Anthony’s Big Band.  Not only is it a song, it is a dance!  We will shake our eggs, sing our new rhythm, and hop like a bunny!  More Easter fun!

Roger says “goodbye” and gives personal Easter wishes to everyone.  We will end by singing a song while looking for “Easter egg” candy.  After we finally sing our “goodbye song“, the class will end after we get a neat Easter stamp.


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