Exercise & Energy

This week our music class will focus on exercise!  We need to exercise to help our body stay healthy.  In a season where it is cold and many viruses are around, it is important to not only eat our vegetables & fruit, but also exercise our bodies.  After we sing our morning song, “Hello, how are you?” we will start right away with our first exercise.  What is more fun than to listen to music while we exercise.

I hope our class has lots of energy!  Our class will be moving and singing all class long.  How do we make sure we have plenty of energy to move our body, exercise, and stay healthy?  My students help me with many ideas that answer this question.  Such as, washing our hands, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, & of course, exercising.  So, we are going to start our class by exercising!  “Get Up!”  This is a great song to play any time to get some movement and exercise in your day!

We will listen to our next song and exercise with our scarves.  The song is called, “Wave Your Scarves“.  We talk more about our new word of the day, “energy“, we also talk about being energetic!  Roger Ribbit wants to teach us about being energetic.  We will also move our body to a new song making sure we have the energy to actively jump, tip toe, wiggle, etc.

Roger is very glad that we have energy to exercise, he also wants us to learn a new rhythm.  Not only a new rhythm, but also new notes!  We will learn the sixteenth note, a very short, fast note.  We usually see them in a group of four.  As we first look at the sixteenth note, we notice that this note has two flags, not just one like our eighth note.  The more flags, the faster or shorter the note is played.  As we look at our notes, we first count how many sixteenth notes.  We have 4 sixteenth notes.  We say, “1, E, &, Ah”.  I like to make things easier by using words.  We can say “energetic”.  Our new rhythm will be, “We are energetic kids.”  We will use our percussion instruments to practice our new rhythm.

sixteenthnote            4sixteenth

A sixteenth note has 2 flags                           4 Sixteenth Notes:   “1, E, & Ah” or “Energetic”


          “We Are Energetic Kids!”

Roger Ribbit says goodbye to the class and gives nibbles & hugs.  As he goes to take a nap, we need just a little more energy to move our bodies and work our arms to make them strong.  Our song, “Touch the Stars” helps us exercise our warms.

We finish class by singing our “Zippadeedoodah” song and saying goodbye.  Everyone will get their stamp.  I encourage everyone one to keep exercising – especially to wonderful music!

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