Vegetables & Fruit

Guess what?  This week in music class we will be talking about vegetables & fruit!  Why are we going to talk about food in music class?  Great question!  When children sing and actively participate, they tend to remember ideas and words easier.  That is why music is such a wonderful medium to use with children.  It is very important, especially this time of year, to eat properly… what better foods to eat than fruits and vegetables.  They have so many vitamins for our bodies!

After we sing our “hello” morning song, we will talk about fruit & vegetables.  I have a fruit basket and a veggie basket to show examples of different fruit & vegetables.  After we talk about all the good food and how important they are for our bodies… we will sing about them.  “The Good Food Song” is a great song to sing to help us learn about all fruits & vegetables.  Feel free to add your favorites!

Find your favorite Fruit & Vegetable?  



Roger Ribbit hops out of his bag to teach us a new rhythm.  We will review our notes we have learned, the half note and eighth note.  Because we are talking about food, why don’t we sing about apple pie.  Our new rhythm is “I like apple pie.”  We will sing our song and also practice the new rhythm on our remo drums.  I will collect the drums to prepare for our next musical activity.  After practicing our new rhythm, we will actively listen to a song that will get us up and moving.  It is called “Clap Your Hands”.  We will not only clap hands but do many other actions… not even realizing that we will do the actions to our new rhythm…”I like apple pie”. Roger Ribbit says his goodbyes.

quarter note eighthnote

I Like Apple Pie


“Clap Your Hands”

We review all that we have talked about today and hopefully fit in a fun game of “hot tomato”.  Yes, we will use my red pillow tomato to play a musical game of hot tomato.  This is often the first time students have played a game where they have to pass something around a circle quickly.  It takes a bit of practice, but by the end, it is a lot of fun!  I strongly recommend a family game of “hot (whatever)” around the kitchen table.  Musical games can be a lot of fun and teach children how to “lose” but still have fun!

As we say our goodbyes and sing “Zippadeedoodah” , I remind everyone to stay healthy and eat their fruits & vegetables!

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