Valentine Class

I’m so excited to celebrate Valentines Day all week in my music class.  I really do love sharing music each week to my favorite little ones in my life.  Let’s celebrate Valentines Day with MUSIC!  We will sing our morning “Hello” song, making sure we say hello and shake hands with our friends.  This is just one way to show our love to our friends.  Then we will sing “Show Your Love“, right away!  I enjoy this song because it explains to children that we can show our love many ways.  We can show love by smiling, giving a high five, shaking a hand, and also a hug.  Of course, none of these things are mandatory.  I always say if you do not want to do one of these actions, just complete the action with yourself.  You can always, give yourself a hug, a handshake, etc.  What fun!

Roger Ribbit will be teaching us a new rhythm.  We know our two notes; the quarter note and eighth note.  What if we put three eighth notes together.  We will have three “tee’s” in a row.  Sometimes it is hard to say “tee, tee, tee”.  So we will put words to our new rhythm and say, “I love Valentines Day.”  After practicing our rhythm and singing our rhythm song, Roger Ribbit will give nibbles and hugs and be on his way!

quarter note eighthnote

triplet3 eighth notes “tee, tee, tee” or “Valentine”

Our New Rhythm:

“I Love Valentines Day”


“I love valentines day, I love valentines day!”

Our Valentine Celebration isn’t over yet!  We will dance with our scarves to one of my favorite songs any day of the year!  It is called, “Valentine” by Kina Grannis.


We will end our Valentine music class by singing a final valentine song, called “Big, Red Heart”. I hope everyone can remember this song and sing to their loved ones not just today but every day!

We won’t forget to sing our “Zippadeedoodah” and I have a special valentine stamp for everyone!





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