Groundhog Day

We’ll be celebrating Groundhog’s Day this week in music class!  What fun!  Will he see his shadow?  In Minnesota, I think we are used to having long winters, but we can always hope for an early spring!

We will sing our morning song, “I’m Glad You Came Today”. I am so very happy to see all the smiling faces!  As we talk about Groundhog’s Day, I thought we better sing a song about this fun day also.  It is called, “Mr. Groundhog”. Make sure you act like a sleeping groundhog.  It’s fun to “pop” your head up and look for your shadow.

groundhogpop groundhog1

It’s time for Roger Ribbit to introduce us to someone new.  Our new friend is Mr. Glenn Miller, the “king” of Swing Music and Big Band!  Glenn Miller played the trombone and wrote music.  Big band and swing music use different instruments than what we are used to listening too.  We look at our instrument family poster and find the trombone.  It is part of the “brass family”.  In swing & big band music we hear, the trombone, trumpet, drums, upright bass, etc.  This music really makes you want to dance!  And… that is just what we are going to do.  Grab a partner and dance to Glenn Miller and his band to “In the Mood”. BrassFamily

As we relax after the fun music we danced too, I will hand out shakers.  There is another great swing song we can use our shakers to dance and make rhythm.  This song is called “Rhythm”, and it’s by Casey MacGill.  Nothing to watch on this video, but the music is fun.  Get up and swing, baby!

Wow, all that dancing can really get your heart-rate up!  Roger Ribbit gives nibbles and says goodbye.  I ask if they remember what special day we are celebrating in music class… Groundhog Day!  We get to dance and act like a groundhog one more time as we listen to, “The Groundhog Song”.

Our music class has been full of singing, dancing, and celebrating!  We sing our goodbye song and wave to all our friends.  As we get musical stamps on our hands, I remind everyone to watch the news this week to see if the groundhog saw his shadow.  Will we have an early spring?  Even if we are stuck inside for a long cold winter, feel free to put on some swing music.  You will be happy and warm in no time at all!  Enjoy!


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