Get ready!  Music class is going to be full of loud noises this week!  But first we need to sing our morning song.  We’ll be singing “I’m Glad You Came Today” for our morning song.  As we wave hello to our friends, we also sing and clap in our final verse, which is very important for our music class today.

I have to make sure everyone is wide awake.  We will stand and grab some of our musical instruments and sing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.  Everyone will be awake and ready for our next musical activity.  This song is great to sing anytime!  Enjoy!

Roger Ribbit has heard all the commotion and wakes up from his nap.  He is excited to show you a new instrument!  This instrument has to do with clapping, making a rhythm, and getting your attention.  We will first look at the family it belongs too.  The Percussion Family.  As we talk about instruments in the family, I point to the CYMBALS!  I bring out my music bag full of all different sizes of cymbals.  We talk about how to play the cymbals, very similar to clapping!  After a discussion, every student gets an opportunity to play ALL of the cymbals.  What loud & noisy fun!

cymbals percussionfamily1


After things quiet down, we talk about when cymbals are used in music.  Cymbals are not used very often and are played to make a loud, sudden noise.  Roger gets excited to introduce a new composer who wrote a song where cymbals play a large part of piece.  This doesn’t happen very often!  We must listen to the song and pretend we are playing the cymbals.  Wow! Our arms are going to get a work out!

(Please go to 13:55 for the finale we listened too.  You will hear and see the cymbals!)

Our next musical activity will be to listen to music and use our rhythm sticks.  This is a fun musical game to play at home.  Feel free to use a variety of musical instruments.  As a piece of music is played, children will play their instrument and march in a circle.  When they hear the cymbal “clap”, they must stop their sticks (or musical instrument) and also stop and “freeze”.  The children enjoy the unexpected fun!

We will close our class by singing goodbye to all our friends and Ms. Sadie by singing Zippadeedodah.  Hands on head for a musical stamp!  Enjoy your week & and always look for musical surprises!

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