Celebrate Slow

Slow?  Yep!  Today in music class we will be taking things a bit “slower”.

We will start our class by singing our “Morning” song, making sure everyone is awake!  Our first musical activity will be to sing “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes“.  A familiar favorite!  But, today we will not be singing it faster and faster… we will be singing it slowly!  We will first sing the song at a regular speed, then we will sing it faster. The following few times we will keep singing it slower and slower.  This can sometimes be challenging and a new experience for children who seem to always be doing things fast!

There is a reason we sang the song slower, and Roger Ribbit is excited to teach something new to everyone.  First, he will show everyone a new note!  The name of the note is a “whole” note.  A whole note is a LOOOONG note.  As we say “whole”, and stretch the word, we hear the letter “O“.  Guess what?  A whole note looks just like the letter “O“, or a circle.  A whole note is held for 4 beats.  We practice saying “whole” for 4 beats as we count together.  1, 2, 3, 4… Wow!  A whole note is held for a very long time!  This reminds Roger Ribbit how songs with many whole notes seem to move or sound very slow.  Roger Ribbit shows a picture of a snail.  Does a snail move slow or fast?  Slow!  Slow moving music is called, “LARGO”.  Yep, we hear another “o”.  Roger wants everyone to listen to a song written by J. S. Bach, remember him from last week?  As we listen to this slow, largo moving piece of music written by Bach, called “Air on the G String”, we will be dancing and moving slow with our scarves.

wholenote             snail       largo


After our experience listening to a “largo” tempo piece of music, we may need to wake ourselves up again and move fast.  I have the perfect song.  We will move fast & move slow as we end our music class for the week.

As we review everything we learned today, I like to see who likes to move fast and who enjoys moving slow.  We realize some days we feel slow, and sometime we want to move fast.  How lucky we are to be able to do both!  We close by singing our goodbye song and every student will receive a “snail” stamp to remind us of our “slow” music class!

Feel free to celebrate being slow every once in awhile.   It is a great way to relax, and get a few extra snuggles.  Enjoy those “slow” days, they never last long!

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