Music class this week will be all about counting!  Counting is so much more fun when we count to music!  We will quickly sing “Hello” to all our friends so we can start counting right away!  As we practice counting, we count with our fingers to ten.  Now that we have practiced, we are ready!  We will be marching while we sing & count to the song, “Numbers March Right In”. Feel free to practice counting by singing songs.  I wanted to give you a couple articles that talk about the great benefits of the connection between music & math. (Article 1 & Article 2)

Roger Ribbit has brought a new instrument to class.  He is excited to introduce the GUITAR.

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The guitar belongs to the string family, along with the other instruments we have explored: autoharp & violin.  Because we are counting, lets count how many strings guitars use to make their beautiful music.  Standard guitars have 6 strings, but there are many different kinds of guitars.  Our cute, smaller sized guitar that Roger Ribbit has brought in today for all to play will be a great hit!  Students love to strum the strings and experiment with the child friendly guitar.  Ms. Sadie plays a quick song on the guitar for all to guess… “Twinkle, Twinkle.  Because guitar is not Ms. Sadie’s first instrument of choice, we dance to a wonderful song by Lucie Silvas titled “Counting” where the guitar playing is truly wonderful.  This is a beautiful song for relaxation, inspiration, and counting!

We have to say goodbye to Roger Ribbit with hugs, kisses, & nibbles, put the guitar back in it’s case, and get ready for some more music while we count.  We will count, sing, march and dance to “The Ants Go Marching 1 by 1”.


As we review our class today, we sing one more counting song.  This song is a lot of fun because we get to count our fingers and toes.  How many fingers do we have? How many toes do we have? 10!  Yes! “Count Your Fingers Count Your Toes” is the name of the song and I encourage you to practice this song and have some fun!

We close with our “Zippadeedodah” song and say goodbye.  Remember to sing and count as often as you can everyday!


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