We are getting closer to the holidays!  Excitement is in the air!  Let’s celebrate with a magical and musical holiday story!  The Nutcracker.

This week music class will be a little different.  We will start music class with our “Hello…” song.  Right away, I will introduce a composer who we met last week.  Tchaikovsky  We review what we talked about last week, but learn a bit more about this fascinating musician and composer.  Tchaikovsky was born in Russia and could be the most well-known and popular composer from Russia.  He wrote the music to the Russian ballet, the Nutcracker.  Ballet is a type of dance where dancers dance, jump, run on their toes.  When watching a ballet the dancers and musicians tell the story.  There are no words!  Both the music and dancers are very important.  You must watch and listen to know what the story is about.  We are not able to bring the ballet to our music class, but I have a wonderful book where the story is told through pictures with ballerinas.  I encourage you to either check this book out from the library, borrow from a friend, or buy it as a magical present!


The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers

We will be following the story by looking at the pictures and listening to the music by Tchaikovsky.  The music will be played by a full orchestra.  We will look at a poster of all these marvelous instruments and talk about them.

The story begins and below are a few of the pieces we will be listening to you.

We start with the March where it sets the scene for the ballet.  Guests are arriving and everyone is getting ready for a wonderful holiday party.

As we follow the story, we hear the music from the battle scene between the Mouse King.  We can hear the instruments playing music that actually sounds like a war.

As we continue this story, we travel to an enchanted world full of treats that come alive.  We will be dancing with our scarves to this wonderful music.

As we hear the end of the story and the magical ending, we talk about the story and how the music helps us understand the story, without words.

We close the class with our “Zippadeedoodah” song and wave goodbye to our friends.  Our stamp today is the magical Nutcracker!

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