Can music be soft?  Yes!  This week we will be having a quiet music class.  This may be hard, because we love music that is loud and full of energy, but soft music can be just as fun!

Let’s start our music class by singing our “Hello…” song to all our friends.  Making sure we shake hands with our neighbors!  As we sing our first song together, we will stand and have our hands ready for action.  The song we will be singing is called, “Put Your Fingers In the Air”. This song is very useful if you have a need to quiet down.  I have another great chant that helps everyone sit down and get quiet!  It is called “Criss Cross, Applesauce (Chant)”. Kids LOVE this chant, and I do too!  Have your student show the actions as well!

Roger Ribbit is excited to visit… we actually may need to wake him up because we have been so quiet today.  Roger Ribbit has brought a picture of someone he would like everyone to meet.  His name is Johannes Brahms.  He was from Germany and besides being a great musician he was also a famous composer.  JohannesBrahmsRoger Ribbit heard we were talking about quiet and soft things today, so he wanted to introduce a composer who wrote many soft pieces of music.  Roger also brought my favorite instrument… the violin.  Yes, the instrument that belongs to the string family.  Do you think instruments from the string family are known to be LOUD instruments?  No.  String instruments tend to be soft sounding instruments.  Brahms wrote a waltz that I will play on the violin.  We will need to dance softly and listen to the violin play soft as well.  Roger also shows them a new music symbol.  “p” which stands for “piano”.  Not the instrument called the piano.  Piano can also mean soft.  Brahms is very famous for his Brahms “Lullaby”. What is a lullaby?  It is a song that is played to help someone, especially babies, fall asleep.  We will take our scarves out and lay them on the ground.  As I play the soft and beautiful Brahms Lullaby, students will pretend to fall asleep.  I will play the violin piano, or soft.



We will say goodbye to our friend, Roger Ribbit with kisses, nibbles, and hugs.  As he goes to take his nap, we sing a final song.  “Quiet” will also help if you need everyone to get soft or quiet.  Since we are sitting so nicely and quietly, we will sing our goodbye song, “Zippadeedoodah”, and put our hands on our head.  The stamp this week will be a small letter “p”.  This stamp will help us remember that “p” stands for piano and piano means soft.  SH!

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