Music class this week will be focusing on Thanksgiving and being “thankful”.  As we start our music class with our “Hello…” song we will also sing one of our favorite songs, with a slight lyric change.  The song, “If You’re Thankful & You Know It” is a student favorite!

After talking about Thanksgiving and all that we have to be thankful for, we will dance with our scarves to a wonderful musician & composer, Louis Armstrong.  His voice and talent on the trumpet are well-known to most adults, but I love introducing Louis to students also.  His rendition of “Wonderful World” could be one of my favorite songs of all time.  I make sure to mention we will talk about Mr. Armstrong in an upcoming class.  We will discuss his talent on the trumpet and his style of music: Jazz & Blues

Thanksgiving is a holiday and we are celebrating in music class. I like to bring out fun musical activities for the students to enjoy.  We will be singing and playing rhythms with our rhythm sticks.

To end our Thanksgiving Celebration, we will sing “Turkey Feathers”.  Children will have fun singing and adding “feathers” to a very bare turkey!  We will create a very colorful turkey – too beautiful to eat!

As we sing our goodbye song, “Zipadeedooda”, I wish all students & teachers a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you also!


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