St. Patrick’s Day

We will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day in music class this week.  We will talk a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day.  Mainly about some of the things we may see around us in the world.  St. Patrick is celebrated by people in Ireland but also by many Irish all over the world.  St. Patrick helped the Irish a long time ago in Ireland.  As we look at a picture of St. Patrick, we notice that he has something in his hand with three leaves.  What is that called?  A Shamrock.  What color is a shamrock?  Green!  You will see many people wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.

stpatrick shamrock

             St. Patrick                                              Shamrock

We will start by singing a fun St. Patrick’s Day song.  One of the best things about St. Patrick’s Day is the music!  This is why we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in music class!

Our little friend is waiting to tell us something new and exciting about music!  Roger Ribbit pops out of his hiding place.  Roger has a couple new instruments to teach us about today.  Irish music has a few instruments that might be new.  Many Irish pieces of music have the following instruments; harp, flute, tin whistle, fiddle, guitar, bagpipes, and many more! Roger Ribbit shows the first instrument, the tin whistle.  This is a wonderful instrument for children, it is very cheap and inexpensive.  I play a quick song for them to hear what the tin whistle sounds like and the whole class will get to look and hold the tin whistle.

irishinstruments                                              tinwhistle

 Irish Folk Instruments                                                          Tin Whistle

After we experience the tin whistle, we get to hear one of my favorite Irish instruments! The fiddle!  It is important to understand that the violin and fiddle are the same instrument, they are just played a different style.  I will play a very popular fiddle song for us all, called the “Swallowtail Jig”.  A jig is an Irish dance.

Roger Ribbit brought a picture of a very famous fiddle player from Ireland.  His name is Paddy Canny. Irish music is so much fun to dance too.  Take some time to find some great jigs and have some fun dancing around the house! Especially this St. Patrick’s Day!

After hearing all the fun Irish music, let’s dance and move our bodies while we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We will dance to a fun favorite calle, “Irish Hop”.

What a fun music class celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!  After we sing our goodbye’s, everyone will get a shamrock stamp.




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